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MOTM #058: Jill Miller – The Beyoncé of Fascia

Monday, October 22nd, 2018

This is a conversation for all ears. Jill really opens up to us and totally embodies exactly why I do this podcast: I want you to get to know the person behind the name. The person behind the social media account. The person behind all of the amazing content that you so graciously digest on a regular basis. Oh, and I want them to drop some bombs that will blow your mind.

This incredible woman is self-taught, she’s created an empire, and she’s one of the most knowledgeable authorities when it comes to fascia. She teaches the teachers, she teaches the public, and she remains an eternal student. In this episode Jill talks about everything from the biopsychosocial component of hip surgery and breast-feeding, to the latest discovery in the fascia world: the interstitium.

If you don’t know Jill then I’m truly honored that this will be your first introduction to her genius. If you already know Jill, then please, sit back, relax, and enjoy yet another dose of realness from the queen herself.

In this episode:

4:28 Meet Jill Miller
8:54 Jill talks about her hip replacement
13:22 Sharing the news with her audience
22:31 YogaTuneup on Instagram and #TheRollRemodel
23:49 Asher’s accident and the biochemistry of breast feeding
31:31 Jill’s turning point
31:58 A General Theory of Love
33:30 Jill talks fascia
38:48 Gil Hedley and the onion tree model of anatomy
40:55 Jill, what are you?
46:30 YogaTuneup and research
52:10 Let’s break down the balls, shall we?
59:20 How Jill built her empire
1:09:14 The interstitium!!!!
1:18:06 Gil Hedley’s online course

Contact Jill:

IG: @yogatuneup, @tuneupfitness
IG hashtags: #theRoleRemodel, #gutsmash


Gil Hedley
Robert Schleip
Carla Stecco

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