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MOTM #062: Change How You Learn by Learning How to Juggle with Jeremy Fein

Monday, November 5th, 2018

Grab your balls, this is gonna get fun. How we learn anything is how we learn everything. Brought on my dude Jeremy Fein to break down a skill that is near and dear to my heart, juggling. From the outside it may look just like another party trick, but tune in to the full episode to hear how learning how to juggle will undoubtedly make you better at…well…everything. This episode's life lesson: Good throws make for easy catches.

In this episode:

4:27 Meet Jeremy Fein
7:05 Jeremy’s support system
9:36 Why juggling?
12:14 Juggling and mindfulness
14:52 How Jeremy teaches juggling
19:36 Jeremy’s juggling program
23:04 MOTM #046 – DJ Murakami aka StrongCamps
23:42 Coaching mobility and skill acquisition
26:41 Getting too good at juggling
31:05 Jeremy’s favorite things to coach
34:34 Jeremy’s background
37:20 MOTM #038 – Hunterfitness
37:24 MOTM #038 – Joe LaVacca
38:16 Being an entrepreneur

Sign up for the juggling program: Click here

Contact Jeremy:
IG: @jeremyfein

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