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MOTM #064: Parkour – Breaking the Jump with Julie Angel, PhD

Monday, November 12th, 2018

Parkour is NOT what you think it is. I repeat, parkour is NOT what you think it is. Join Julie Angel, who just happens to have a frickin’ PhD in Parkour, for an exploration into this poorly understood movement paradigm, and learn that is in fact so much more than just a physical practice.

If movement is part of your identity, this episode is for you. If you've ever been faced with a problem…any kind of problem, this episode is for you. If you think you know yourself pretty well…well then this episode is for you.

Come break the jump and see what parkour is truly about.

In this episode:

2:25 Meet Julie Angel
14:27 Parkour is part of everything
16:46 What is parkour?
24:14 The see and do effect
25:25 The See & Do Project
34:59 The Blue ocean strategy
36:34 Physical empathy
43:13 Breaking the Jump
49:50 Injuries and parkour
54:05 Flow state
55:07 Once is never
1:01:57 Constant adaptation
1:10:37 How to start doing parkour TODAY


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