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MOTM #074: Shockwave Therapy and the New Age Orthopedic Surgeon with Dr. David Boehland

Monday, December 17th, 2018


Join me for another journey outside of my wheelhouse and beyond my traditional knowledge of therapeutic interventions as I chat with Dr. David Boehland about shockwave therapy and his less-than-traditional approach to orthopedic surgery. I'm sure plenty of you out there have had a surgery that looking back on, you shouldn't have had. Right there with you. In a world where people wand quick fixes, David is pushing to educate his patients about better long-term solutions, and more ideal immediate interventions.

I had the pleasure of meeting David while in Berlin, and when he offered to do a shockwave session on my unhappy knee I jumped (unfortunately not literally) at the opportunity. In this episode I discuss my experience, David gives us the science, and we're reminded once again that movement unites us all.


In this episode:

2:28 Meet Dr. David Boehland
4:17 Why the switch from the hospital to the clinic
4:27 Why David got into medicine
7:17 What a session with David looks like
8:24 The value of diagnostic ultrasound
8:59 Shockwave Therapy
11:36 What is shockwave therapy – radial and focused
17:46 How many sessions?
19:03 Shockwave for rehab and prehab
22:18 RockTape
25:55 Who else is in his practice
27:02 How patients find them
28:34 A glimpse into German reimbursement
29:16 Meeting the patient where they’re at
33:11 What a patient should expect/look for with shockwave
38:49 My experience with shockwave
39:56 Getting buy-in because they can feel the treatment
41:42 What David wants for the future of orthopedic surgery and his career
46:54 His penchant for island life
48:54 David’s RockTape schedule for 2019

Contact David:

IG: @thefuncdoc
Rocktape Germany Website

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