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MOTM #114: What is Prolotherapy? with Dr. Tyna Moore

Monday, May 6th, 2019

You might have heard of Prolotherapy before, but do you actually know what it is? I mean, like, truly know what it is and how it could help you and your patients?

Brought on Dr. Tyna Moore, a chiropractors and naturopathic Doctor who specialized in regenerative injections, namely prolotherapy, and holy smokes did she blow my mind. For starters, prolotherapy is a technique, NOT just what’s inside of the syringe. Let that marinate for a second.

Dr. Tyna opened my eyes to what could be a truly helpful intervention, what should be an absolute precursor to all the sexy injections out there like PRP and stem cells, what what is definitely a much better alternative to the ever popular cortisone injection. You guys know that I’m all about doing whatever you can to avoid surgery, and Prolotherapy, while clearly more invasive than other therapies, is absolutely worth learning more about.

So tune in and hear one of, if not THE BEST in the field discuss this awesome intervention and the fact that success (you’re gonna love this) is contingent upon a healthy system and…yup…you guessed it: movement.

In this episode you'll hear:

  • Who is Dr. Tyna Moore
  • How Dr. Tyna got into prolotherapy
  • What is prolotherapy and how it works
  • Prolotherapy is a technique, it’s not just what’s in the syringe
  • Prolotherapy doesn’t need to be painful
  • Why prolotherapy should be considered before heavier therapies like PRP and stem cell injections
  • What she considers to be one of the biggest contributors to joint pain
  • Why she thinks that pain returns after joint replacements
  • Treating patients with hypermobility
  • What the difference is between a functional medicine doctor and a naturopathic doctor and an integrative medicine doctor
  • How to spot a fraud
  • Schooling for naturopathic medicine
  • How Dr. Tyna mixed Chiropractic schooling and Naturopathic schooling and now synthesizes that information
  • The importance of referring out
  • Dr. Tyna’s Mastermind and her Docere Summit

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