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MOTM #126: Upgrade Your Recovery with Normatec featuring CEO Gilad Jacobs

Monday, June 17th, 2019

One of the best parts about having a podcast is that I get to talk to really cool people, and learn about the inner workings of things that I’d otherwise have no idea about. In this week’s episode I was lucky enough to be able to steal some time with NormaTec’s CEO, Gilad Jacobs, and he did not disappoint.

Every now and again I’ll promote a product that I that i truly believe in, BUT, ain’t nobody got time to be sold to. Which is why I choose to bring on the HUMANS behind the product. Yes, I want you to learn about the product, but you could do that by just trying it out. I record these episodes because I want you to learn the WHY behind the company, the WHO behind the ideas, and the WHAT that makes them tick.

So, tune in to the episode and hear from one of the coolest CEOs, with one of the dopest products out there. Discount code? You’ll have to tune in to find out 😉

In this Episode You'll Hear:

  • The origin of NormaTec
  • Gilad’s late mom’s background and why she started the company
  • What the NormaTec system is
  • Settings where NormTec is currently being used
  • The role of NormaTec in the cash-based model
  • All about the brand new 2.0 system
  • The importance of being able to track recovery
  • Four areas that people focus on to improve performance
  • Why recovery is an important part of performance
  • What kind of data is collected from a NormaTec session
  • NormaTec and Injury prevention
  • The features of the NormaTec system and how they are designed to work with our physiology
  • Learning curves and ease of use
  • Other demographics that NormaTec is appropriate for
  • The benefit and role of passive modalities
  • Pricing and the different models

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