Maestro on the Mic

MOTM #138: Stop Doing Shit that Hurts You

Thursday, August 29th, 2019

Does treating pain really have to be that difficult? If it’s mechanical pain, I don’t think so. What is mechanical pain? Acute pain that you experience when you do a specific thing that has a significant physiological etiology.

That in mind, no I am not talking about the dull back pain that you’ve had for 20 years, that came on out of the blue. I am however talking about the knee pain that you get, or that gets worse, every time you squat. I am talking about the shoulder pain that started last month when you changed the programming the you follow. I am talking about the foot pain that popped up when you doubled your mileage in a single week.

This is not rocket science, people. Tune in to the full episode for some unpopular opinions and a whole bunch of f-bombs. The Maestro is fired up and it’s time for a double dose of common sense.

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