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MOTM #140: Navigating PT and Managing Chronic Pain – A Patient’s Perspective with Beth Wilcox

Monday, September 9th, 2019

What's it like for the patient? Flipping the script for this episode and getting intel from Beth Wilcox, a life-long athlete whose world was rocked after a car accident years ago. It's one thing to treat chronic pain, it's another thing to live with it. Listen in as Beth shares her story and tells us what we can do to be better providers and help folks like her.

In this Episode You’ll Hear:

  • Who Beth Wilcox is including her movement background
  • Why Beth took my course
  • Why Beth considered going back to school to become a PT
  • Beth’s history with pain/Beth’s injury history starting with a major car accident at age 19
  • How CrossFit decreased Beth’s pain and helped her get back to running
  • Beth’s journey with phyiscal therapy and seeking out a cash-based physical therapist
  • What Beth considers to be the benefits of going to a cash-based physical therapist
  • Why Beth is willing to pay for physical therapy even though she also pays for insurance
  • How has PT helped with allaying her fears about her pain
  • What we as providers can do to help patients with their fear about pain
  • The importance of managing time-frame expectations
  • PT as coach and the importance of establishing the role of the physical therapist
  • Beth’s feelings about less frequent vists and fewer home exercises
  • The value of follow-up videos and correspondence with the patient
  • Beth’s advice to other patients – THIS PART IS AWESOME!!!
  • Direct access
  • How Beth is doing with her pain and movement now
  • How Beth deals with setbacks
  • A resource that Beth and I are considering creating, but we need your feedback…

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