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MOTM #142: Ending Ageism and 1-Rep Max Living with GEROS Health

Monday, September 16th, 2019

If you're only able to lift 5 pounds, suddenly, things like doing your laundry become extremely taxing, and quite frankly, dangerous.

In this episode I chat with GEROS Health founder, Dustin Jones, and business partner, Christina Prevett, all about their experiences treating the advanced-age population, and take a deep dive into the resources that they've created to educate other practitioners and truly help elevate the level of care being provided for older adults.

In This Episode You'll Hear:

  • The birth story of GEROS Health
  • Dustin Jones background story
  • Christina’s background
  • How Christina markets to the older adult population
  • The transition into the nursing home setting
  • Dustin’s infamous home health horror story
  • Suggestions for managing expectations and getting buy-in with the older adult population
  • Exercise selection and modification for the older adult population
  • Christina’s PhD – Challenging the idea that you cannot load medically complex individuals
  • Defining the concept of frailty
  • Push back that they have received questioning safety
  • One rep max living
  • Course description – Modern Management of the Older Adult
  • How Dustin and Christina got into continuing education
  • Their podcast
  • Dustin’s speaks about the Geriatric Clinical Specialist exam
  • Recommendations on how to improve your skill-set for working with the geriatric population

Links & Resources for This Episode

Check out their online course: Modern Management of the Older Adult – by ICE
Check out their courses and website:
Follow them on Instagram at @geroshealth
Follow Christina on Instagram @christina_prevett
Follow Christina's company, Stave Off, on Instagram @staveoff
Follow Dr. Sammy Black Socks on Instagram @samhodous_physio
Check out the PT on ICE daily show podcast
Check out the Geros Health Podcast
Check out the Foxcast PT Podcast

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