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MOTM # 184: Fighting Fires and Mental Health Neglect with Annette Zapp and Chris Marella

Monday, February 10th, 2020

Today’s episode is unlike any I’ve done before, and my guests aren’t your regular, run-of-the-mill podcast guests. Annette Zapp and Chris Marella are both firefighters by day, and business owners the rest of the time… but their businesses are anything but ordinary.

Annette and Chris run FireSQFitness and 4th Shift Fitness respectively, which aim to improve the lives of firefighters and first responders, on and off duty. First responders have some of the toughest jobs, with taxing hours, lack of sleep and free time, strenuous physical demands, and are often made to witness traumatic events. Everyone always mentions the benefits of firefighting, but rarely talk about the drawbacks.

Annette and Chris are changing this, and they’re changing the way support is provided to first responders. This conversation is not to be missed. It’s eye-opening and heart-breaking. Do me a favor… give your local firefighter some love.

In This Episode You'll Hear:

  • Chris’s history in fitness and fire service
  • How Annette went from biochemist to fire service veteran
  • The hidden negatives of fire service
  • The impact of Devote December
  • Strategies to cope with the rigorous fire service lifestyle
  • How providers can help support firefighters
  • Helping out with first-responder mental health
  • Being a woman in fire service
  • How to hone in on our decision making skills
  • Collaboration over competition

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Connect with Annette on Instagram: @firesqfitness
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