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MOTM #186: Be Inspired By Your Own Potential with Dr. Ayonna Procter

Monday, February 17th, 2020

Dr. Ayonna Procter is many things, but one thing she is NOT is afraid. Yonnie has been a traveling PT, personal PT to 2 Chainz, a game-show competitor, a social media master, and general life-enthusiast. She lives every day channeling what she calls #YonnieStyle— expressing herself creatively and completely with the unique perspective only Yonnie can provide. 

Yonnie’s journey has been anything but expected or linear, and she’s just fine with it that way. Not everyone has a perfectly set career trajectory, and you can achieve amazing successes without one. If you stay in your lane and focus on what inspires you, your potential is limitless.

Yonnie says it best: “Everything you need to be your greatest self is already inside of you.” So let’s live every day with our own #YonnieStyle.

In This Episode You'll Hear:

  • Ayonna’s PT and travel history
  • Working and traveling with a friend
  • Being a new person and a minority in small towns and new places
  • Doing things nontraditionally
  • Training beyond regular treatment
  • The fear of losing skills while focusing on other settings
  • The value of figuring it out as you go
  • Going on tour with 2 Chainz
  • Competing on the Titan Games
  • Yonnie’s social media journey
  • Struggling in PT school and learning better time management
  • What training with Yonnie looks like
  • The journey doesn’t happen overnight

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