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MOTM #224: Be One of the Few in the Crowd with Dr. Uchenna Ossai

Monday, June 29th, 2020

Today’s episode features a very special guest: Dr. Uchenna “UC” Ossai. If you don’t already know her, get ready, because you're in for one hell of a treat.

UC does it all. In addition to She’s an assistant professor at University of Texas Dell Medical School, manager of the pelvic health program at UT Austin, pelvic PT, she’s done a residency in women’s health, and is an AASECT certified sexuality counselor. If you're in the social media world then you just might know her from her dope Bourbon Talez that she shares as part of the evidence-based, sex education and empowerment she provides for “grown folk”. Honestly, she's just an all around dope human being with an energy that is absolutely infectious and it was awesome to have her on the podcast.

UC's upbringing shaped her into the incredible human she is, and the drive for excellence that her parents instilled in her transcends all aspects of her life. The world is changing (thankfully), and it’s people like UC who are at the helm. Quite possibly one of the most powerful ideas to be expressed on this podcast, UC explains that the power we inherently hold as healthcare providers makes it our DUTY to put in the work to understand the social issues that affect our patients and thus dictate how to provide them the best care.

Buckle up, folks. This is a good one.

In This Episode You'll Hear:

  • An interest in community health and marginalized communities
  • Leaning in to sexual health
  • Being one of the few in the crowd
  • The feeling of having to be 10 times better just to be average
  • Growing up different in Texas
  • Choosing friends who won’t ask you to do emotional labor for them
  • The stress of being a black woman in professional settings
  • Cautious optimism
  • Know when to listen, to apologize, and to use your privilege
  • How slavery and Jim Crow laws still affect stereotyping and language
  • Racisms connection to power
  • Showing up for our Black Trans Siblings
  • The power we have as healthcare providers
  • Sex counseling vs. sex therapy
  • A day in Uchenna’s work life
  • What exactly is YouSeeLogic?

Links & Resources For This Episode:

Follow UC on Instagram: @youseelogic
Check out the YouSeeLogic website:
Intersections of Racism and Power: Healthcare Redefined Course
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