Maestro on the Mic

MOTM #233: A Day in the Life

Thursday, July 30th, 2020

Nearly 500 of you replied ‘yes' to my Instagram story asking if you wanted me to do a podcast episode about what my days look like and how I get shit done. So, here it is!

It my hope that you walk away from this episode with some tangible action steps, and also the realization that I am not superhuman, and you too can get done what you need and want to get done, if you use your time more efficiently by batching, delegating/outsourcing, or just straight up not doing certain tasks.

Just a heads up, next week's long episode (number 234) will be the final long episode until October. I usually take a break during the summer, but with all that was happening I felt it best to continue the longer episodes and introduce you to the people who I was learning from. I'm still learning, but I'm also ready to take a break from the longer episodes. Don't worry, I'll still be putting out the Thursday shorties (that sometimes become not-so-shorties), and the long episodes will be back on October 5th.

Thanks so much for rocking with me. Your support means the world.

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