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MOTM #333: Have the Courage to Ask with Amanda Schoultz

Monday, November 1st, 2021

Did something completely different for this episode and for the first time ever brought on a listener of the podcast. You might not know her but you’re definitely going to love her.

I’ve said it a bunch of times, and specifically mentioned in an earlier episode with @inquistive_human that I really don’t know who specifically is listening to my podcast. Podcasting is truly one of those semi-lonely, very uni-directional things. Lo and behold someone reached out, sending me an email telling me about herself, and her story was so interesting I wrote back wanting to learn MOAR, and eventually invited her on to the podcast to share her words with my people.

Meet Amanda Schoultz. She’s the first listener I’ve had on the podcast in this capacity, and I am confident her story will resonate with you.

This conversation FLEW by and honestly brought me so much joy. I was blown away by Amanda’s worldview and her wisdom (just wait til’ the part where she talks about people not fearing change 🤯). I want you to listen closely, and really hear the value of asking and building authentic relationships. They are two things that can absolutely help you get anywhere you want to go.

In This Episode You'll Hear:

  • A little background on who Amanda is
  • Why journalism?
  • Finding your own support system
  • Journalism is a public service job
  • Changing course
  • How asking good questions gets you farther
  • Moving to Denver with no job
  • Let people know you want more, and follow through
  • The willingness and the ability to be resourceful
  • From council-aid to Chief of Staff
  • “Satisfaction” is NOT the bar
  • Starting The Ayo Group
  • Jeeps n’ cats
  • You’ll never regret connection
  • People don’t resist change…

Links & Resources For This Episode:

Work with Amanda at The Ayo Group!
Connect with Amanda: @amandaschoultz

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