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MOTM #365: Everything You Need to Know About ACL Rehab with Dr. Natty Bandasak

Monday, April 4th, 2022

All Italian restaurants make penne alla vodka, but only a few make a truly great dish. Stick with me here, I promise it’ll make sense in a PT context.

Dr. Natty Bandasack is an ACL rehab pro. He’s SO good that he wrote a whole-ass book containing everything needed to recover from an ACL injury, and he wrote with athletes, parents, and coaches in mind—no confusing medical terms that real patients don’t understand. 

Dr. Natty knows what he’s good at, and he’s doubled down on it. Sure, plenty of PT clinics might know a thing or two about ACL rehab, but Natty and his Myokinetix team are experts. See what I mean about the penne alla vodka? 

Know your strengths and focus on what you’re good at. Niching down means you help more people, and you make far more of an impact than just knowing a little bit about everything. 

In This Episode You'll Hear:

  • Why Natty wanted to write his book
  • Changing the health care system from the bottom up
  • Pushback from PTs (and why Natty doesn’t care)
  • A penchant for ACLs
  • Natty’s history
  • What life and business looks like now
  • Why so many ACL tears?
  • Advice for building relationships and networking
  • The Myokinetix model
  • Taking insurance and finding clients
  • The benefits of niching down
  • You can do everything you set your mind to

Links & Resources For This Episode:

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