Everything Works for Someone

Thursday, April 21st, 2022

One of my favorite parts about being asked questions by my audience is that helps me clarify my opinion on things.

Most recently I received a question that read: “Thanks to you I made the decision to put myself out there. No inquiries so far, but I know it takes time. Do you have a podcast episode about ‘I did the thing, now what?’ What are the next steps? How do I go about getting new clients?”

On Episode 369 of Maestro on the Mic, I answer this question in depth, so if you are more of an audiophile, or if you just want to check out the episode, you can click here to listen.

The point I made in that episode, and that I wish to highlight today, is that pretty much every single system out there works for someone. Albeit, some might work better than others, but they all work to an extent.

To that end, I believe that the most important part about choosing a system is ensuring that it aligns with your values and works for you.

When it comes to building an online business, my system is absolutely one of an organic approach in which initially you provide value in exchange for attention. You attract the audience first, listen to what problems they are having, and then create a paid solution.

I personally do not recommend creating a product first and then going out in search of an audience that needs sad product. Can that system work? According to the ads I see on Instagram, yes, but it’s not what I believe in, it’s not my expertise, and it’s not what you’ll get if you ever decide to work with me.

But, circling back to the subject line of this email, everything works for someone. I say this because I watch people become paralyzed by all of the options out there, spending more time trying to figure out which approach is “the best” instead of simply taking a single approach that aligns with their values, seeing it out, getting clinical afterward, and then deciding if they want to stay the course or try something new.

Remember, first we build a habit, and then we look to optimize it.

So, if you’re looking to get started with putting yourself out there and/or building an online business, you can click here to set up a free discovery call to see if we’d be a good fit and if I can help you, but I also want you to remember everything works for someone. Whatever approach you’re looking to take, simply make sure that it aligns with your values, your goals, your wants, and then go from there.

Action breeds clarity.

High fives.

Maestro out.

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