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MOTM #374: Getting Really Good at Fewer Things with Jill Coleman

Monday, May 16th, 2022

Have you met my friend, Jill? Jill Coleman (you might know her as JillFit) is the nicest lady in the whole damn world. She’s also a rockstar entrepreneur who absolutely CRUSHED it in 2021. We’re talking a 7-figure year kind of crushing it, and she’s here on the podcast to tell us her secrets.

Except, well… there are no secrets. Jill is just that good. She puts in the work every day and sticks with her shit until her shit works. She prioritizes discipline over motivation. She invests in herself and her business. She has the lady-balls to do something and be someone different. 

I want to be like Jill when I grow up.

We talk about how to run group-model coaching, how to lower your own barrier to entry so you can do the damn thing, how and when to outsource in your biz, dealing with business boredom, developing mastery, why podcasting is the new blogging, and how Jill would start an online business if she was beginning right now. There’s so much good stuff, I don’t even know why you’re wasting your time reading this. Get listening!

In This Episode You'll Hear:

  • Jill’s phenomenal 2021
  • What Jill would never outsource
  • Knowing when is the right time to delegate
  • Going from a 1-on-1 to a group model
  • Lowering the barrier to entry for doing the thing
  • Group coaching from Business-to-Consumer
  • Higher price points, longer term commitments
  • Thinking laterally
  • Discipline over motivation
  • Women need money and interests of their own
  • Dealing with boredom in business
  • Do fewer things, better
  • Three different types of experts
  • Podcasting is the new blogging
  • What Jill would do if she was starting now

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