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MOTM #393: The Psychology of Creating

Monday, August 1st, 2022

With all these changes on Insta I find that people just aren’t creating the way they used to. No one is creating, even when creation is what lights their soul on fire. I knew exactly who I needed to talk to about this, and friends? This episode is so, SO good. It’s a must-listen.

Rachel Strickland is an artist herself, but she is also a development coach to other artists and creative entrepreneurs. Need help finding your way through the creative process? Meet Rachel. She’s gonna help you do the damn thing.

You get to choose your own journey. Your creativity and desire are right there, all you need is to listen and take action. What is the thing you could never forgive yourself for not doing? Start there. Let that fire carry you. Create now. You can’t afford not to.

In This Episode You'll Hear:

  • Joy as an act of rebellion
  • “No” is not an answer
  • Busking to pay the bills
  • Lessons learned from college
  • Gremlins aren’t very good co-pilots
  • Channel your anger
  • Seek out rejection
  • Be curious about your own envy
  • Helping people finding what they want (and how to talk about it)
  • The body knows the truth
  • The goal of creation is your own joy, not others’ satisfaction
  • You get to choose how social media affects you
  • The pottery class (aka: keep trying to get better)

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