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MOTM #520: Do You Need Professional Photos for Your Online Biz?

Thursday, October 19th, 2023

Do you need professional photos for your online business? I’ll spare you the runaround—of course not. Professional photos aren’t my jam, but if they’re yours, great! More power to you! But you absolutely do not need them, and in fact, the concept of “needing” professional photos for your business carries a little bit of nuance and I think necessitates a little bit larger of a conversation.

Let’s chat.

Welcome to Maestro on the Mic, a podcast that helps online business owners find their passion, generate more profit, and build a life that they love. I'm your host, Dr. Shanté Cofield, aka The Movement Maestro, and I’m stoked to have you here. I hope this podcast inspires you to make moves and do the thing. Action is the answer.

In This Episode You'll Hear:

  • It only matters if it matters to you
  • Everything works, so do things YOUR way
  • The bullshit idea of “professionalism”
  • What story is your content telling?
  • Audacity is the biggest business hack

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