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MOTM #544: My Top Tech and Software Recommendations for Online Business

Thursday, January 11th, 2024

It’s the beginning of the business year and as people get started on their business journeys, I get hit with a lot of “What do I do? What the hell should I use?!” questions. Not to worry, I gotchu. I've dedicated countless hours to sift through the top-notch platforms and software, comparing and contrasting to find what truly works the best for online biz so you don’t have to. And hey, you don't need to have all of this before you can “start.” Just get going, and when you're gearing up for the next phase, circle back to this episode for the lowdown.

Let’s chat.

(This episode is a re-run. Original release date was April 24, 2023.)

Welcome to Maestro on the Mic, a podcast that helps online business owners find their passion, generate more profit, and build a life that they love. I'm your host, Dr. Shanté Cofield, aka The Movement Maestro, and I’m stoked to have you here. I hope this podcast inspires you to make moves and do the thing. Action is the answer.

In This Episode You'll Hear:

  • Start small
  • You need a website ASAP
  • Get your time back with a scheduler
  • How do you process payments?
  • Something to host your email list
  • A way to communicate with clients
  • Podcasting options
  • Course creation and hosting
  • Keep your webinars simple
  • Where to host your memberships
  • You don’t need a CRM

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