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MOTM #577: Your Fat Loss Goals Are Killing You

Monday, May 6th, 2024

Menopause (and peri menopause) is the new black in the online space, and because of that, no matter where I look, everyone is talking about fat + weight loss. I truly never thought I’d be talking about this (and I hate that I am) but it’s been on my mind and I needed to say something. I truly believe our purpose in this life is to lean in to joy and be happy, but when you spend your whole life worrying about being as small as you possibly can, how could that bring you anything but sadness? I know we’ll never get people to let go of the idea of fat loss, but maybe we can help people lean in to function too, and not just aesthetics.

Let’s chat.

Welcome to Maestro on the Mic, a podcast that helps online business owners find their passion, generate more profit, and build a life that they love. I'm your host, Dr. Shanté Cofield, aka The Movement Maestro, and I’m stoked to have you here. I hope this podcast inspires you to make moves and do the thing. Action is the answer.

In This Episode You'll Hear:

  • PT focuses on function + performance, “fat loss” feels sad
  • Your aesthetic-only goals are killing you
  • How you look is largely genetic
  • If you want to look “fit” you need to work harder
  • Fitness is a skill, not a look
  • What does your goal even do for you?
  • Lean in to both
  • Modern problems require modern solutions

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The Messy Middle Podcast: The Training for Performance vs Aesthetics
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