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MOTM #044: What does it take to be a CrossFit Games athlete? with Meredith Root and Alex Parker

Monday, September 3rd, 2018

Whether you like it or not, CrossFit is here and it ain't going anywhere. The sport of fitness is a very real thing, and with a grand prize of $300,000 going to both the the fittest man and woman, winning the CrossFit Games now brings with it a lot more than hardware and bragging rights. This week I bring on Meredith Root and Alex Parker, two incredible athletes who have both competed at the CrossFit Games, to pick their brains about what exactly it takes to get to that level, what it means to compete at that level, and why the underdogs keep coming back for more.

In this episode:

3:01 Meet Meredith Root
9:46 Meet Alex Parker
13:25 What to do if you’re charged by a moose
19:04 Why Alex got a coach
20:39 The benefit of getting a coach for Meredith and training vs working out
25:50 Balancing having a relationship and competing against each other
31:17 The CrossFit Games
31:37 MOTM #008 – Nick Flannery: Be Where Your Feet Are
34:08 Mindest
39:38 Alex’s favorite part of the 2015 CrossFit Games
42:08 Meredith’s favorite moment of the 2018 CrossFit Games
47:05 Alex – What does a typical day of training look like and what does it take to be a Games level athlete
52:40 Meredith – What does it take to be a Games level athlete
56:11 Plans moving forward
59:33 Meredith on injuries and recovery
1:01:50 DynamicYYC
1:05:20 The refrigerator whiteboard

Contact Meredith and Alex:

Meredith: @meredith_root

Alex: @aaparker1

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