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MOTM #076: New Year’s Resolutions, Nutrition Coaching, and How to Get a 6-pack with Tactic Functional Nutrition

Monday, December 24th, 2018

***Discount code comin' at ya at the end of the episode so make sure you listen all the way through (or just fast-forward to the end…but that's not very nice and I promise you're gonna want to listen to the whole episode)***

Brought Games athletes, Meredith Root and Alex Parker back on to discuss their newly launched coaching company, Tactic Functional Nutrition, and goddamn did they deliver. You're gonna want to make sure you have a a paper a pen handy (do people still take notes like that?) because there's a TON of info dropped in this episode ranging from how to make New Year's Resolutions that you actually keep, to the best time of day to eat certain kinds of food. Do you really need to get 8 hours of sleep? Do you actually have to drink all of that water? Why get a coach – can't you just manage your nutrition on your own?!? Meredith and Alex are talking about ALL of it. Good. Shit.

Second to last episode of 2018 and I'm going out with a bang. Straight fire from these incredible women. You're welcome.

In this episode:

1:34 Episode 44 of Maestro on the Mic
2:36 What is Tactic Functional Nutrition
4:50 Training while starting Tactic
6:44 Nutrition shouldn’t be a sacrifice
7:57 What is nutrition coaching
9:16 What is the demographic that they work with?
9:56 What fitness goals really mean
11:53 Why Alex wanted to go into nutrition coaching
15:49 New Year’s Resolutions and goal setting
20:02 Goal setting with Tactic
22:52 Why get coaching
25:47 Weekly Check-ins with Tactic
28:47 How important is it to track macros?
34:24 As long as it fits my macros?
36:04 Basic guidelines for eating
39:24 Supplements
45:00 The importance of sleep
49:44 The lemon juice Himalayan sea salt concoction
53:39 What’s the big deal with water?
1:00:36 Easy wins for the new year
1:09:10 Tactic coaching DISCOUNT CODE!!!
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