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MOTM #086: How to Get Your Sh*t Together – with Mandy Jankus

Sunday, January 27th, 2019

I get it; you’re skeptical about life coaching. Hell, I was too. Which is exactly why I brought my life coach, Mandy Jankus, on for this episode. Coaches need coaches. Trainers need trainers. Doctors need doctors. Don’t be above asking for help. A few months ago I reached out to Mandy for life coaching and the experience has been nothing short of exceptional. As a skeptic turned major believer, I want to open your eyes to something that can absolutely help you get your shit together. And yes Mandy curses. She’s human. And I love it. Something tells me you will too. Tune in to the full episode and hear how the thing you’re likely super skeptical about just might be exactly what you need.

In this episode you'll hear:

  • Why Mandy became a life coach
  • Why Mandy became a Daring Way facilitator
  • Who Brené Brown is and what she’s about
  • Who can benefit from life coaching
  • The difference between a coach, a mentor, and a therapist
  • Can someone be too young for life coaching?
  • The similarities between life coaching and parkour
  • What a typical session with Mandy looks like
  • Mandy’s top Brené Brown resources
  • What it means to ‘hold space’ (PS – this is my FAVORITE part of the episode)
  • Why we have such a difficult time simply listening and not offering solutions
  • How not to mess up your kids
  • How to live in the moment and the practice of gratitude
  • Why joy is the most difficult emotion
  • How to save 10% on your first coaching session!

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