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MOTM #130: Your Peers are Not Your Audience

Thursday, July 4th, 2019

We're in the thick of my 7 day Instagram Challenge and when I've asked people what stopped them from posting in the past, the same three answers came up time and time again:

  1. Imposter syndrome.
  2. I have nothing new to say.
  3. Everyone else is already saying it.

Sound familiar?

Yes, when you're standing in a crowd of people who all went to school for the same thing, who are all now working in the same field, doing the same thing, you may feel as though it's a bit of an echo chamber. But guess what? Those people aren't your audience.

Your patients, your clients, your members, you customers, those are the people who make up your audience, those are the people you should be speaking to, and to those people, what you have to say is helpful, is unique, and is absolutely new to them.

Join me for an episode where we reframe our approach to social media and remind ourselves why we started using it in the first place.

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