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MOTM #210: Running Ads and Reaching Your People with Tony Rulli

Monday, May 11th, 2020

Buckle up friends. Today we’re talking all about ads. Seemingly scary, but absolutely necessary in the growth of your business, ads are the key to getting your business into the hands of the people that need it the most.

Tony Rulli is a good friend of mine who, like all my guests, is doing the damn thing. After quitting his corporate job, traveling the world, and starting a spice subscription company, Tony realized he had expertise few others had: he knew how to utilize Facebook and Instagram ads to grow a business.

Ads may be the difference between your business only being seen by family and friends, and your business being seen by thousands of new eyes every day. Great ads start a conversation, and everyone has the ability to create a great ad RIGHT NOW that will funnel new clients and customers to your business than ever before. You can figure ads out on your own, but if you feel like you can’t, Tony is here to show you how.

In This Episode You'll Hear:

  • Who is Tony and what does he do?
  • Leaving corporate finance and falling into ads
  • Why run an ad?
  • The right and wrong time to run ads
  • How to figure out ads on your own
  • The finances of running ads
  • Getting engagement without a call to action
  • What is a retargeting ad?
  • When to call it quits on an ad
  • Building up your email list
  • The nitty-gritty of email marketing
  • Running ads during coronavirus
  • Practicing forgiveness of yourself and others
  • Intentional Spark’s Ad School

Links & Resources For This Episode:

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