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MOTM #106: Everything You Need to Know About Facebook and Instagram Ads with Claire Pelletreau

Monday, April 8th, 2019

Stop leaving money on the table.

Brought on Claire Pelletreau to open your eyes (and mine) to the world of paid advertising and traffic. Some of you might already be dabbling, some of you may have no clue wtf I’m talking about. Good.

We live in one of the best times ever, and opportunity really is at your fingertips. Join me for an episode that can help you start making more money, TODAY.

The future is now, my friends. It’s time to build your dream life. Let Claire teach you how.

In this episode you'll hear:

  • Who in the world Claire Pelletreau is
  • The Organic Reach Massacre of 2013
  • What exactly is a FaceBook ad?
  • The value of paid traffic for getting more eyes on your products and services
  • What a retargeting ad is
  • Why retargeting ads are like insurance policies
  • Using content awareness ads to incrase traffic
  • Visibility money
  • What happens when you buy things from Instagram ads
  • What the hell is a funnel?
  • Why do they call it a funnel?
  • The value of scarcity with marketing
  • What is a FaceBook pixel
  • Why I now use WordPress and what I’d recommend for you
  • Various strategies for creating custom audiences for your online ads
  • The value of an email list/email marking for diversifying your platforms
  • The soft skills of marketing
  • How to get swipe up on IG stories even if you have less than 10,000 followers
  • The benefits of promoting a post that already exists vs starting from scratch
  • Split testing for emails and ads
  • The ONE thing that Claire recommends you do so you can start TODAY
  • A sneak peak into my upcoming course all about how to dominate Instagram and build a brand
  • The role of consistency and when it’s ok to be inconsistent

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