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MOTM #285: Breaking Down the Walls of What Physical Therapy Is with Dr. Carrie Pagliano

Monday, March 15th, 2021

Got to have another chat with the one and only Dr. Carrie Pagliano and she dropped some bombs about niching down, bridging gaps, making choices, and breaking down the walls of what physical therapy truly is.

It’s always dope to have Carrie on the podcast because her heavy involvement with the APTA, the fact that she is still a practicing clinician, and her not-so-new journey into the digital space bring a unique blending of worlds, and bridging of gaps. 

Week after week, the themes remain the same: there’s no one right way to do things or way to be, but eventually you have to make choices… so make sure they’re authentically yours.

In This Episode You'll Hear:

  • Carrie’s 7 year membership of the Academy of Pelvic Health Physical Therapy Association
  • Entrepreneurship and leadership
  • What Carrie had to do to keep her practice going in 2020
  • How the pandemic helped Carrie niche down
  • Bridging the gap and breaking down the walls of PT
  • Where is PT going in the future?
  • Notice, lay it all out, then methodically move forward
  • Carrie’s newest Pro course
  • Your choices make you happier when they’re authentically yours
  • Leading with abundance and look for that silver lining

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