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MOTM #375: Reviewing Inquistive_Human’s Relate Skills Intensive

Thursday, May 19th, 2022

If you didn’t know, I was recently a part of a 4-month relationship skills intensive put on by my friend, James-Olivia Chu Hillman. If you don’t know them by now (which would surprise me, as they have inspired countless episodes) then go listen to our two previous episodes. 

Not gonna lie, I was concerned about joining a 4-month group intensive, but it was an experience unlike anything else I’ve done and I’m so glad I did. I wanted to do a little recap/review/relay of what the intensive looked and felt like, why I joined, and what I learned. If you have even the slightest urgings that you might want to join, do it. Everything is done through relating, and you will develop skills we all need to be learning.

Let’s chat.

In This Episode You'll Hear:

  • An intensive unlike anything I’ve ever been a part of
  • What the Relational intensive insists of
  • Everyone needs relational skills
  • My concerns—and how they were eased
  • Why I decided to invest
  • What did I get from the experience
  • What to expect and what you will learn
  • All work gets done through relating
  • Skill cannot create desire
  • MOAR you, always

Links & Resources For This Episode:

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