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MOTM #378: Creating an Experience For Your People with Dr. Kyle Paxton

Monday, June 6th, 2022

Kyle Paxton and Integrated Kinetic Neurology

Kyle Paxton was first on this podcast 4 years ago to talk about IKN (his continuing education course) and in the time since we last spoke, Kyle has opened up 3 clinic locations, moved his course online to international success, owns a Body Mass Composition testing company, earned his real estate certification, and is pretty much an Instagram model. Basically, he does all the things.

I want to show you what life looks like outside of what’s considered “traditional,” and Kyle is the perfect example of that. He doubles down on what he’s great at and builds amazing teams to fill in the rest, and now he has all of these thriving companies to show for it. Kyle wasn’t always sure where he was going, but he focused on providing great experiences for his customers, and now he has everything to show for it.

In Kyle’s words, you don’t need to fear trying new things, and you don’t need to have some sort of master plan before you start. Just pay attention to what interests you and stay action-oriented as you go. If you focus on creating the best possible experience for your people, they’ll share how awesome your product is and they’ll keep coming back again and again. 

In This Episode You'll Hear:

  • Starting his course and his clinic “early”
  • It doesn’t need to be a huge practice, just a really great one
  • Doubling down on your strengths and delegating the rest
  • What Kyle’s teams look like
  • How Kyle builds relationships and his teams
  • Always being on the lookout for opportunity
  • Community and network building
  • Risk aversion and risk tolerance in business building
  • Kyle’s real estate experiments
  • Creating incredible experiences
  • Pivoting to the online world with IKN
  • Working with and learning from Kyle
  • Don’t fear trying new things

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