Getting Consistent on Social Media Will Breed Creativity

Monday, August 8th, 2022

I shared this Reel on Instagram about how to get consistent with posting on social media by striking while the iron is hot (See this blog post on consistency if you want to know how important that is for success). As is the case with most things that require creativity, if you wait to create, you often wind up not hitting publish at all because it just doesn’t hit the same way after the fact. You’re just not as excited about it. You decide that “everyone already knows this.” You talk yourself out of it after having seen someone else share something similar.

This concept can absolutely be applied to life in general, and anything that benefits from striking while the iron is hot. I suppose some might question whether or not said actions would be trending too far towards impulsivity, but my guess is that if you have the patience to read through my long ass emails, you’re not an inherently impulsive person and the things that you would choose to take action on wouldn’t have catastrophic outcomes. (But also let this parenthetical serve as me waiving all responsibility for the outcome of your choices 😉)

Back to that Instagram post. I received some pretty dope comments on that Reel, including this one:

Instagram comment discussing creativity and Instagram posting.

That comment inspired me to create this Reel the following day, anchored by my firm belief that creativity is both a skill and a renewable resource.

It’s been my experience that when it comes to tasks that ask us to flex our creative muscles, folks hold the belief that if they do too much they’ll run out of ideas and their brain will literally turn into dust.

You won’t run out of ideas. You might experience moments where the doubt gremlins have taken control the microphone, but you won’t run out of ideas. (If you’re scratching your head about the gremlins reference, check out this podcast episode I did with the ever incredible Rachel Strickland)

Creativity is both a skill and a renewable resource.

The more you practice it, the better you get at it.

The more you do it, the more opportunities you create for inspiration to strike. (ex: Creating that first Reel created an opportunity for folks to respond, which provided inspiration for yet another Reel.)

Alrighty, gonna wrap this up because the iron is getting cold.

Creativity is both a skill and a renewable resource. Go make some shit.

Yours in doing the thing,

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