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Hello, hello, hello my podcast people and thank you for joining me for yet another episode of my favorite podcast. So right off the bat, quick little insider tip. If any of you watching this or listening to this, have a podcast, my soft suggestion to you: Send what's moving you. Meaning if something's on your mind and you're like, you know what, I wanna talk about this, it keeps coming up, you're thinking about an episode, just make that episode. I've been thinking about this one, and I had some other stuff written down and I was like, you know what, this is coming to mind, so, I'm gonna record this episode. And today we are talking about my full work week. 

So if you're new to the podcast, maybe you're like, why the hell do I care about this?

Maybe you don't. Feel free to scooch on by or pass on by, whatever you wanna call it. Uh, but for the roast, for the rest of you, I am recording this one because I recently had, I recently did a, uh, a meeting with one of my business clients and went through my entire work week. She asked me to, she's like, well, what do you actually do?

And I was like, okay, let me share it with you. And I realized it was helpful for her just providing some tangible examples of how I do what I do and why I do what I do. So I figured I'd share it with you .

For those of you listening around the edges and being like, wait. But you're sharing the same thing with us for free, that you shared with her for not free?

No, I'm not. She pays me not to just share my work week, but to actually help her improve her specific work week, right? So just story around the story here, for any of you that are thinking like, I'm, I'm worried about giving too much away. Give it all away. Because we're providing general solutions to general problems.

And then when people are paying you, they're paying you for specific solutions to their specific problems. So if you want a specific solution to your specific problem , you can sign up for a discovery call. I will not solve the problem on the discovery call, but we can see if we're a good fit. And, uh, if you wanna set up a Maestro Meeting, you can do that.

So, all the things for everything will be in the show notes. It's just much, much, much easier that way. Uh, head on over to themovementmaestro.com/444. What a fun episode number, right? 4 44. So let's hop on in. Let's talk about how I schedule my week.

Three takeaways that I'm gonna repeat these at the, I'm going to repeat these and this at the end of the episode as well, cuz this is what I think is like the bread and butter of everything.

Uh, if you're vegan, it's vegan bread and butter, whatever. Uh, but three big takeaways here. Number one, I batch my days. I'm all about batching. I have like a million podcast episodes. Courtney, if you could link some of those. Thank you. Uh, but I batch my days based on energy expenditure, not the specific task. So I'm looking at is this task creative or administrative?

Is it client facing or is it like a free form kind of thing? And then I will group those things together via that because a creative task is 100% different, in my opinion, than an administrative task as it relates to, to the energy that I have to give and that I, you know, need in order to. that task.

Second part here: The number one thing that will set you up for success in general, but especially as it relates to organizing your schedule, is radical self-awareness and radical self-acceptance. So how do you operate? I'm gonna guarantee you operate differently than I do. And understanding that, knowing that, identifying that is what's going to allow you to set up your schedule appropriately.

What drains you? What recharges. I personally am not super recharged by client facing things. So I'm only client facing two days a week. I love it. I, you know, I love helping people, but it's, I couldn't do it every day. And I've tried that cuz I was a physical therapist, right? And I had that five days a week and I was like, why am I so tired?

Well, it doesn't recharge me. So what actually recharges you? What drains you? What are your daily non-negotiables? So for me, I have to get outside, I have to get some sort of sun. I have the same breakfast every day. Things like that. That's gonna be specific to you as it relates to this, uh, radical self-acceptance, radical responsibility,

how long does it actually take you to do things? How much time do you actually have? I personally like to do a few different things at once, so I'm not necessarily multitasking, but I love that I work from home. I will, you know, be writing something down and just be like, okay, I'm gonna go on Amazon, or I'm gonna send the DM, or I'm gonna go send that that text message. It's how my brain works and I enjoy it. I'm gonna get up and go walk around the apartment and then come back. As opposed to being like, I have to sit here and do the work. I know what works for me. You know what works for you. Big thing here. Maybe you have kids. I don't How much time do you actually have?

I think people grossly underestimate how much time they actually have to perform tasks during the day. They're like, well I have eight hours a day cuz you know, we pulled this number out of our ass. Or whatever it comes from. In reality, you're like, actually, if I like think about how long it takes to eat right, eating takes a long time; to make the food.

And if I wanna work out and like, actually I only have like four or five hours of dedicated time that I can do work. Okay. Get real with that. And then say, how much can I actually get done? Maybe it takes you a long time to outline a podcast episode. Okay, don't be like, well, I'm gonna get three done today if I know that it takes me three hours.

Radical self-acceptance, radical self-awareness, radical responsibility. 

Third point that I want you to take away from this, uh, and this is a phrase that my girl JillFit told me and she said she got it from her ex-husband, Jade: Easy is earned. Take it for, I'm not here to defend my, my stance on this, I believe it's true, easy is earned.

We know the new hire gets the shitty schedule, and as you are there longer, you prove yourself, et cetera, et cetera, things improve. So yes, I set my own schedule, but I'm 13 years into doing this. Not necessarily this specific with online business, but just being in the working world. I am also very much willing to accept the trade offs that come with this ability to set my own schedule.

I think it's freedom, but other people would be like, but you don't have a set paycheck. No one's paying for your health insurance. That's scary to me. If that's scary to you, then don't do that. But for me, I'm willing to accept these, these trade-offs. Okay.

Those are the main three points I want you to take away from this. I'm gonna do kind of a gross overview of things and then I will get to the, I'm gonna actually break down my specific days. So yes, I'll say right off the bat, I am always working in some way. There's always something I could be doing, and I choose that, and I love that.

If that's not for you, then schedule your day differently and maybe pick a different career that you can actually leave at work. That's, that's what plenty of people want and I love that for them. I don't mind that I actually literally work from home and I can always be working and, my work is on my phone.

I love that I've chosen that. I like to work on the weekends because other people aren't, so they leave me alone. I have also strategically chosen to not have kids. I've never wanted kids, but I've very much made a conscious decision, like I don't want that. All that to say, my life is very, very intentional.

So just as a general overview, for my days, I wake up around seven o' clock, sometimes earlier if Rupert's feeling Ruperty. Sometimes very early, but typically a left of my own device is seven. Maybe a little bit after, 7:20, it just kind of depends. Especially now it's dark still in the morning. I have no incentive to wake up at 6:30.

I'm like, eh, it's still dark outside. Uh, I don't start any client facing work until 10. That's a, that's a non-negotiable and I love that cuz I'm not trying to be doing client facing stuff before then. Um, if I'm inspired or if I need to, I will absolutely start my own personal work, non-client facing work earlier.

So I usually go for a walk in the morning, Monday through Thursday, and then again on Saturday. Um, but if I have something I wanna get done or need to get done, today was a perfect example, I need to get some episodes recorded, I'll start right away. Right when I wake up.

Uh, I eat the same breakfast every day. I remove decision making from that.

For those wondering, I'm gonna get specific here. I have one egg and a half a cup of egg whites. I scramble 'em together with the little mixer thing. Uh, I add a Mexican cheese blend. And it's all scrambled. I do two pieces of Turkey bacon. I do some sort of berries. It depends, sometimes raspberries, sometimes strawberries, it depends.

Uh, I do cast iron sauteed spring mix. People stay asking me cuz they see my plate on Instagram. They're like, what is that? It is cast iron, sauteed spring mix. I put salt on it, garlic powder and it tastes delicious. Always spring mix. I don't really like the spinach, makes my teeth feel weird. Just gonna say it.

Uh, I do two pieces of Ezekiel cinnamon raisin toast, and or cinnamon raisin bread and I toast it. I actually toast it in the cast iron. Little tip there, and I use ghee because regular butter it be breaking the bread. I know, you know what I'm talking about. You're spreading and the bread is breaking, so I use ghee and then, uh, some salt on there.

So same breakfast every day and Rupert eats with me. If you watch my Stories @themovementmaestro, you'll see. Dude comes over when I'm eating and he's eating his little, little kibble things. I know he should probably be on a raw diet. I, one thing at a time, people. I can only do, but so much. Uh, I go to bed around 10:30/11.

I can stay up very late. Uh, if I have projects to do I will absolutely pull an all, an all nighter. I recently, recently did that ChatGPT video, and I stayed up literally till 6:15 in the morning. That's how I've always been, and so my default is stay up later, get it done, but I'm trying to go to bed earlier, but mainly so that my body can heal.

Like I don't, I don't want to have pain. I want my knees to do well with all the volleyball that I'm playing. So trying to get to bed around 10:30 or 11. Yes, I do watch Netflix. Ashley and I have some shows that we watch together. My preference, I love me, some high fantasy. Maybe I'll do a whole episode about that.

I love it. So things like The Witcher, The Wheel of Time, uh, I love it. I also love things like Selling Sunset. Maybe that's high fantasy as well, cuz that shit is like so unrealistic. Uh, but Selling Sunset, Million Dollar Listings, LA. I love it. As it stands now, I don't really like working late at night though, so I try to be done around seven.

Ashley and I will oftentimes go for walks. It's dark now, but it's cool cause in the summer it's not dark. So I try to be done by about seven and I will at times do a social media post, Instagram post after my day, so after my main stuff, and you know, I'll start around five or five 30 working on that. So that is like a general overview of my day.

I will also throw out there before I get into the specific, specific days that every single day I create content for Instagram. I do it each day. I don't batch my stuff. Uh, my, excuse me, I don't batch my Instagram posts. I do a little bit kind of, and I'm gonna get into that when I talk about how I'm making the podcast now.

Um, but I am not like making 17 posts on a Tuesday and then posting them for the next 17 days. I make it that day. I like having that creative flexibility and I've always been like that. I was like that when I had a full-time job, and I'm still like that cuz it's, it's how I work best. Uh, and I also pretty much every day respond to client Voxers.

Technically I don't need to respond to them on the weekends, but I choose to do so anyway, sometimes, many times. Um, it's my choice there. But those are tasks that you'll hear as I go day by day, things that I do every day. Uh, and it's just pretty much a given. Okay. Let's hop on into what I'm doing each specific day.

All right, so beginning of the week, let's start with Monday. I know calendars, some of 'em start with Sunday. I'm gonna start with Monday. Of note, I'm breaking down the days for you, and I'm gonna include kind of when I, not kind of, I'm gonna include when I work out and, and all the things, not just the, the work stuff.

But Mondays start off with a walk. I get back, I do my breakfast stuff, and then I use Mondays to create and record my two podcast episodes that will go out the following week. This is the task that I, this is like the only task for the day, cuz it takes a lot of time and you're gonna see that I am batching my podcasting based on energy requirements.

So, Monday is about being creative. I will outline each episode and then I'm gonna record each episode, so I typically will outline and then record. Take a break. Outline and record. So this is actually the second episode that I'm recording on Monday. Uh, it is Monday, what is today? Monday the 16th. Uh, I will change my shirt.

I'll change the background like the color of the, I'm giving away all my secrets. I'll change the, the lights that are on and sometimes just, it also looks different because I'm recording one in the morning and the other one more towards the afternoon. So the lighting is different. Um, but I'm gonna do those creative, that creative side of the podcast, because it's video now as well, right? I'm gonna do that on Monday. And those take like a longer time. Um, I've talked about this pretty extensively in past episodes, but when I was just doing the audio component of podcasting, it was much faster. Now that I have video, I have two cameras going. I have this main one that I'm seeing you fine folks in.

Uh, I have a second camera. I'm gonna look at it. Right now it's my phone, uh, one of my older phones for that I use for B-roll. And it's just easier to take that footage and use that for, um, Instagram cause it's a vertical video. So I'm going to record both of those. I'm gonna outline both of those, outline and record. Outline and record. I'm gonna add the title to the info sheet that my team uses. I will upload the audio track for each of these episodes to the, we're gonna call it the Maestro Media Team Shared folder. Uh, and that will be what is done regarding the podcast. And again, this is a quite, it's a few hours of work. It's not one hour of work. It's typically a minimum of three hours of work, usually much longer than that. 

Uh, I will create an, uh, Instagram post for that day. I said before I create Instagram posts every day, but Monday and Thursday, those Instagram posts are typically from the podcast or from they are related to the podcast episode that is dropping that day.

Remember, I'm recording a week ahead, uh, minimum, and so whatever episode has dropped that day, I will post a, an Instagram post that is from that specific episode. I'm gonna respond to client Voxers, of course. And then when I'm running the intensive, which I run two to three times a year, my Instagram intensive, Mondays will be my prep days to get everything ready for the call that is going to be the next day, uh, every Tuesday, and I will lift. So my lifting days, typically I'm looking at Monday, Wednesday, Saturday. Yeah, it'd be great to do more, but I just don't have the time. Right. I have to prioritize and I don't have the time right now. So I will try to get in a lift on Monday if I can get it in at the end of the day, i'll get in at the end of the day. If I can get it in in the middle of the , it truly kinda depends on how I'm feeling and where I'm at with my episodes. 

Tuesday same same. We wake up and it's not same, same at all, but same, same in the morning. I wake up, I walk, I have breakfast, and then Tuesdays are my client facing days.

So I will do my business coaching calls, my discovery calls, my guest speaking on anyone, you know, kind of zoom rooms and things like that. Um, if I'm invited to speak somewhere, I will try to schedule them exclusively for Tuesdays or Thursdays. So those are my only client facing days. Tuesdays and Thursdays. The most calls that I'll have in a day are probably like eight.

I try not to have but so many, and based, via my schedule, my online scheduler, I will limit the type of calls that, the number of the types of calls that I can have. So I have like a max of like four of my 30 minute calls for Legacy. I have a max of, it's either two or three Maestro Meetings. Those are hour long meetings, so I'm not gonna have like six of them in the days. The scheduler won't allow for it. 

I will also try to break up my day via a midday short walk. It doesn't have to be as long. My, my daily walk is about 45 to 50 minutes. The midday, I'm just kinda like, just wanna get outside and like get some sun on my face and stand up. Cause I, I sit at the desk. 

Uh, on Tuesdays I will also run my Instagram intensive call at night. Those are at 4:00 PM. They start at 4:00 PM. They're like two hours plus long. Um, then again, I'm running those two to three times a year. And then, as per always, creating Instagram content, responding to client client Voxers. 

Um, so for those of who don't know, I don't think I actually explained. Voxer is just a messaging platform. It allows for text messaging and for voice notes. I like it cuz people like to communicate in different ways and also for the text, oh excuse me, the voice notes, I can speed them up. I listen to things fast. I know y'all out there listening to podcasts faster. Maybe not mine cause I speak really quickly. Uh, but I will speed up the messages and that's why I choose to use that, that platform. 

Wednesdays I take a break from client facing. Again, this is energy management. So Tuesday and Thursday it's a lot of front facing, outward facing, uh, extrovert energy. Wednesday, I'm, I'm pulling back in. Wake up, go for my walk, make my breakfast, and then I'm gonna do more of the kind of like, um, , I'm gonna call it executive tasks.

That's not, that's not actually the right word, but we're gonna go with it because I can't think of it right now. Um, but as it relates to the podcast, I'm doing tasks, this is not creative anymore. This is just get this thing done, complete the task. Very simple. So I'm gonna do on Wednesday's, post-production syncing of the audio and the video. Yes, I do this stuff myself cause I love it. Could I outsource it? Sure. It'd be a million dollars, but I also really like it so I do it. Um, so audio syncing meaning I record the video and the audio separately and then I have to put them together. I will do any light editing that's required. Kind of adding overlays, any popups, um, kind of sound effects, the drum roll. So Courtney, my girl, she does such a good job. She does that for the actual audio podcast, for the video podcast, vlogcast, I dunno if these things are called, but if you watch it on YouTube, I'm the one that's adding the sounds in and things like that.

So I'm gonna sync all this stuff, get the final video, and I will upload that to YouTube. I'll pull the link from that, that goes into the master doc that we all share. So the, that's the, the tasks as it relates to the podcast. Yes, 2023, I told you is all about my podcast. So all of my tasks are surrounding that, and then I'm pulling social content and things from there.

Wednesday is also my f my financial day. So again, we're looking at these kind of executive tasks. Get these things, just get them done. So I use a system called Profit First. I've had a bunch of episodes about the money side of things. Courtney, if you could link whatever ones you want. Um, but I use a system called Profit First.

So I am moving money into the various accounts I have, not in a shady way. Um, and I'm paying off credit card bills. I pay it off every Wednesday and I fucking love it. I'm like, you're not getting my money. You chase. You are not getting my money. No you are not. Uh, I will do any logistical things like scheduling travel. Again, cause this is kind of like an executive day. The switch here is in the afternoon and I've scheduled, I have my Mafia call, my Mafia dinner. I run those two times a month. And my Legacy group coaching call, that's the first Wednesday of the month. And I put those on Wednesdays mainly because they just don't fit on the other days.

Um, and it's fine to have just the one call, you know, three Wednesdays out of the month. It's in the afternoon, so I have the morning if I need to prepare as well, I can. And then of course we got creating content for Instagram. We got responding to client Voxers and if I can, I will get in that lift on Wednesday.

Thursdays, again, start off with a walk, breakfast, and we're back to the client facing days. That's business coaching calls, discovery calls, guest speaking. Um, I tend to have more of my guest podcasts when I record them, they tend to be on Thursdays. They could be on Tuesdays, but most people just for whatever reason tend to schedule on Thursdays.

Uh, I will also do, um, my team meeting with Lex and Joe. They tend to be on Thursdays as well, but they could be on Tuesdays. Either way, it's client facing, it's outward facing, so it's gonna be on Tuesday or Thursday. Again, we hit that midday short walk and we're creating content for Instagram. Because it's Thursday, right, I release the podcast on Mondays and Thursdays, so that's gonna be another, that social media clip, is going- social media post- it's gonna be a podcast related clip, and we're responding to client Voxers.

Friday, it's volleyball time! I wake up, there's no walk on Friday. I have my breakfast and I go to volleyball with my mom squad.

I'm back at it and I love it so much. The work for Friday is, again, we're batching here based on energy. This is gonna be a little bit of it's executive and a little bit of creative kind of mixed together. Um, what I do is I transcribe the podcast episode. So, I talked in a past episode about the sofware, Descript..

I love it. Um, yes, I do have the affiliate code for that. If you go to themovementmaestro.com/descript, it'll just take you to the page. Um, again, always in the show notes. But I, it will transcribe the episode and I just have to correct the transcription cuz I speak fast and you know, there's just a few, a few errors.

It's actually does a very, very good job. Um, but as I'm doing that, I pull social media. Clips. That's why I still do it myself. Courtney is more than capable of doing it, but to me it actually allows me to really repurpose content. Cause oftentimes when I record a podcast I don't remember what I said. It's outta my brain.

I've said it, what said is said. So, you know, I'm at 400 plus episodes in and, and for a while I was just like, man, the episode is just, they're just done and I can't really remember what I spoke about. Now I can. So I will use Fridays to transcribe, ideally both of those episodes, and pull out social media clips.

I don't edit them cause again, we're batching, I just pull 'em out and I note them and I have a master doc for that. I will upload the transcript and the SRT files. If you folks know what subtitles are, that's the file type that is used for subtitles. I'll upload both of those files to the Maestro Media . Team folder, and that's my Friday work.

Of course, we got creating social media content and responding to Voxer. Then we hit the weekend.

Saturday. I love my Saturdays. I love them. I love when I don't have anything to do. I wake up, I walk. No one's out, cause people don't wake up early here. So I wake up. I walk. I will finish the transcription for any, for the episode if I need. Sometimes I wanna get through one episode. It really just depends. And I will write an email to my main email list if I'm feeling inspired. But that's it. That is of course, and the, uh, social media posts and the, the Voxers. But these things go without saying. They're kind of just like, you know, on repeat in my head.

Sunday, we got volleyball! Volleyballs at 6:30 in the morning. It's a little bit offensive, but I, I love the women there. Uh, then after that I will go do my beach walk with Ashley. So that takes up, takes a large part of the day. And then the work that I do on Sundays is I will go, it's my Mafia day. I go into the Mafia Facebook group, I read all the posts, I respond to all the posts, everything that's been posted.

I pull out those posts and write them in an email. Uh, record them in an email, write 'em an email, whatever you want, whatever you wanna call it. And I write a blurb, which is a few paragraphs, just kind of a lesson, my thoughts. And this goes exclusively to the Mafia. So I'm doing that every single Sunday, and that gets sent out every single Monday and has for the past three years. So Sunday's become my Mafia days.

So that's my full week. I wanna zoom out here, give you just kind of a, fill in the blanks, fill in the pieces a little bit, and then, and then we'll wrap this up. 

So, like I said earlier, working out, I try to do my, my walks, and that's Monday through Thursday. It's like a 50 minute loop.

And then I will also do it again on Saturday. I listen to, to Voxers, I respond to Voxer sometimes during that time. Uh, Audible. I'm listening to a good book right now, Hank Green's book. I don't remember the, I don't remember the name of it, but I'm enjoying the book. It's, it's sci-fi. Is it sci-fi? It's something like that. It's fiction. I'll listen to podcasts, switch it up. Uh, I will lift Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday. This changes, right? So right now it's what makes the most sense with my schedule and my priority is the podcast and creating content for that. So lifting falls to, you know, second, third, whatever priority. I shouldn't say priority. Second, third, whatever task and ideally gets done, but if it doesn't, then it doesn't, and I'm okay with that. What I make sure it gets done is my podcast stuff. Uh, and then I do my vo, I do volleyball Friday and Sunday. It's wintertime, so there's inherently less volleyball. Summer starts coming, maybe I'll do you more volleyball, but for right now, it is perfect.

The flexibility that I have in my schedule, and, you know, I can put things in where they fit or as needed, um, is gonna be writing to my email list. You're gonna see, it's just in general about, uh, emailing. I kind of don't love it. Um, I enjoy writing, but responding to emails, things like that. So I will let that fill in where, where it makes sense. I don't necessarily love email.

uh, and like love the, like, logistical stuff. So I'm not gonna force myself to do it. I'm not gonna be like, you have to do it on, on this day. Uh, so I will write to my email list when I'm inspired, but I make sure that I do write to the email list and technically I'm writing an email every week to my Mafiosos, so I'm keeping that skill sharp via that. Um, I will respond to emails when I can, when it makes sense. Um, it's always on my phone so I can do it in the moment if it, if it really needs it. Uh, my girl Lex, she takes care of my info account and helps just navigate, manage that, uh, send important things to me. So that's super helpful.

Uh, and I get around to it when I get around to it. Some things I just don't get around to, and I'm okay with that. I have accepted that I'm the worst at getting stuff back to people for like speaking engagements. I'm at a point where I'm just like, I won't even speak at this event. I, if you're, I, I can't. Like sometimes these things just, just get away from me and, uh, I'm gonna shout out my girl Celeste.

Um, I don't know if she listens to the podcast, but she was so helpful cause she knows that I'm like that. And she was like, I'll write this thing for you. I'll write this thing, gimme some bullet points. And I was like, thank you. I will show up and give you the best goddamn presentation ever. But I am not so great with the information before then.

I've accepted that. Um, any other tasks that kind of pop up, I add them in based on the energy type. Is it more of like an executive admin type of thing? Is it more of a creative thing? Um, and as it relates to creation, and creative tasks, creating presentations, y'all already know I'ma do that the day before it's due.

It's just how I work. I've accepted it and I'm fine with that. This is why, when it comes to speaking engagements, if people are like, they want something like a million weeks earlier, for me, I'm just like, I'd rather not speak. I would just rather not speak. 

All right. Second to last thing, uh, seasonality.

I've talked about seasonality a bunch. Courtney, if you wanna link that, uh, episode, especially the one with Emily Reid, that would be awesome. I lean into seasonality. I spoke about it before that right now I'm in a season of “let's create this podcast”, and so that's my, my number one priority. My only priority.

Um, it's also wintertime, so there's not as much volleyball and I'm not lifting as much. Like seasonality is very real. Summertime, I know that I'm gonna want my summer Sundays. I've written about, I've spoken about that in the past, which is where I go to the beach basically all day Sunday I go and play volleyball, I stay for a bunch of games after that. Ashley comes down, we go and walk and go to late brunch and we, you know, walk at the beach, like, that's my whole entire day and the sun stays up longer, so I will shift my work then and do more of my Mafia stuff on Saturday, and I will move my schedule around. I have the flexibility, I have the time open to be able to do that, and I know how long things take and what's realistic for me to get done.

Something that's really, that could be really helpful for you, that's really helpful for me is writing down in the moment what I wanna be doing. Right. So right now in this season, yeah, I'm like, it's podcast time. I write down about the, the weather, if I wanna be outside or if I don't wanna be outside. If it's really helpful for me to get out first thing in the morning because the sun goes down early at night. And this way you can plan for that season for the next year and know like, okay, maybe I gotta do more work in quarter one and quarter two, because you know, summertime I'm gonna want to chill. So cool. I gotta shift my schedule as such, and then that allows me to have this whatever kind of schedule moving forward. 

Last part, maybe this is the most important part. I'm happy with where I'm at. I'm happy with how much money I'm making. I'm happy with how much I'm working. I'm happy with how much I can play vo volleyball.

I'm happy with how much I can do, you know, exercise physically. I know that I could make more money by working more, but I don't want to. Right, to make more money I have to either raise my prices and work the same amount or work more, aka serve more people and keep my prices the same, and I don't wanna do either one of those. So I'm not. You get to choose what you do. 

So I told you I'd bring those three main points back and we're bringing them back. Three big takeaways. Number one, I batch my days based on energy expenditure, the type of energy that's required to complete that task, not the specific task. Number two, the primary thing that will set you up for success is radical self-awareness and radical self-acceptance.

How do you operate? What drains you? What invigorates you? What are your daily non-negotiables? How long does it actually take for you to do things? How much time do you actually have? And then lastly, and I say this with all the kindness, easy is earned. 

All right. I'm looking at the time, we're hitting 30 minutes.

This is a long one. Hopefully it helps you. As always, I am so appreciative for every single one of you, you DM me, some of you do text me and I'm like, it is me. I get excited when I see the, the text pop up. 3 1 0 7 3 7 2 3 4 5. I'm grateful for all the shares, all the listens. I see you starting to watch on, on YouTube.

Just thank you. Truly. All right, that's all I got for you. Until next time friends. Maestro out.

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