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MOTM #244: State of the Union: Social Justice and Racial Equality with Dr. JPop

Monday, October 5th, 2020

Long episodes. Are. Back.

I know you missed hearing them as much as I missed recording them, so to celebrate I have on a very special guest; you all know her and love her, and if you don’t already, you’re about to… My good friend, Dr. Jennifer Hutton, aka Dr. Jpop.

I wanted to talk about what Dr. Jpop has been up to since we’ve seen her last. ‘Rona and racism aren’t going anywhere any time soon, but not if Jennifer has anything to say about it. Longevity of any social movement comes through community, and Jpop has been building courses and community to help allies come together and show up for their BIPOC friends and siblings.

Jpop knows first hand that if you wait to know everything, if you wait to be perfect in order to begin, then you’ll never start. The more you wait, the less people you help. Start now and ask questions as you go, but the most important part is that you begin your work.

In This Episode You'll Hear:

  • What has Dr. Jpop been up to?
  • The Building Allyship Community
  • Social media burn out
  • Wanting everyone to live their best life, whatever that looks like
  • BIPOC vs. Black
  • Dealing with your own issues, before taking on the world’s
  • Taking concrete steps in your allyship
  • Fighting for a better world for future generations
  • Difficult conversations with children
  • What does life look like for Dr. Jpop now?
  • The process of creation

Links & Resources For This Episode:

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