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MOTM #346: It’s Never Too Late to Begin with Meredith Root and Alex Parker

Monday, January 3rd, 2022

First episode of 2022 and you all know it’s a tradition at this point, I HAD to have on Meredith Root and Alex Parker. This is their fifth time on (can you believe it!?) and I look forward to this every year.

If, for some unexplainable reason, you’re not familiar with who they are, Meredith and Alex are the masterminds behind Tactic Functional Nutrition. Tactic is growing (and growing fast) so I wanted to hear all about how Meredith and Alex are dealing with business changes, managing a team, and what it’s like for your business partner to also be your romantic partner. 

Meredith and Alex always bring the heat. They’re kicking ass and taking names not only in business, but in their personal goals as well. Women are often taught to think smaller, to sell themselves short. Not Meredith and Alex. They rise to the top, no matter what.

In This Episode You'll Hear:

  • An update on what Meredith and Alex have been up to
  • Focus on what you’re best at
  • What it’s like to run a business with your significant other
  • Separating your work from your life
  • Competition, jealousy, and learning to work together
  • Seeking out challenge and discomfort
  • Setting higher and harder goals
  • Are women taught to sell themselves short?
  • Being strong AND fast
  • Making an effort to get outside
  • Managing and balancing new employees
  • The Tactic team
  • Why people are afraid to post their lives on social media

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