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MOTM #436: Building and Creating a Life That You Want to Be Living with Meredith Root and Alex Parker

Thursday, December 29th, 2022

Y’all know what time it is. Last episode of the year, which means for the sixth—yes, you read that right, sixth!—time, I’m catching back up with Meredith Root and Alex Parker. In the time since we’ve last spoken their business, Tactic Functional Nutrition, has gone viral on Instagram, they got married, AND they added a pup to their girl crew. 

Every time I have Meredith and Alex on, they bring truth, wisdom, and perspective we all need a little more of, and this episode is no exception. As Meredith puts it, you never get “better,” you just get better at doing hard things. When Instagram pivoted towards video, Tactic pivoted too, and they’ve grown in massive ways. I’m all about building the best life, and there’s no better example than Meredith and Alex.

Welcome to Maestro on the Mic, a podcast that helps online business owners find their passion, generate more profit, and build a life that they love. I'm your host, Dr. Shanté Cofield, aka The Movement Maestro, and I’m stoked to have you here. I hope this podcast inspires you to make moves and do the thing. Action is the answer.

In This Episode You'll Hear:

  • A background on Tactic Functional Nutrition
  • You can’t ice the cake before you bake it
  • The creative process
  • If you keep going, you’ll get better
  • Putting yourself out there
  • How it feels to go viral
  • Dealing with criticism and hate
  • Has Insta growth affected business?
  • Business growth and creating space
  • Meredith’s foot fell off
  • Following evolving passions
  • Life with a puppy
  • Getting better at hard things
  • Appreciating where you’re at

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