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MOTM #196: Let’s Talk About Sex with Dr. Krystyna Holland

Monday, March 23rd, 2020

We all know how crazy things are in the world right now, so I figured this week we could use a topic a little more fun, a little more light-hearted, and a lot more saucy. Yep. We’re gonna be talking all about sex.

Dr. Krystyna Holland, PT, DPT wants everyone to take charge of their own pelvic health. In a society where talking about gender, sex, and pleasure is taboo, Krystyna is knocking down walls and creating inclusivity right from the very start.

If there’s something you always wanted to know about gender, pronouns, vaginoplasty, vibrators, or flaccid vaginas (yep—you read that correctly) then listen up, because with Krystyna, no question is off limits.

In This Episode You'll Hear:

  • Who Krystyna is and all the wonderful things she does
  • Why Krystyna got into pelvic floor PT and health
  • What a typical day in the life looks like
  • Working with vaginoplasty patients
  • Understanding the gender binary and beyond
  • Teaching tolerance and practicing openness
  • Using the right pronouns
  • Putting a penis into a flaccid vagina?
  • Sexual dysfunction stems from a lack of education
  • How to have conversations about sex and pleasure
  • How to use a vibrator
  • Society’s normalization of women’s pain
  • Providing trauma-informed care
  • Where to reach out if you’re experiencing pelvic pain

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